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B/R Instrument 800 - High Efficiency Micro Distillation

B/R Instrument makes distillation equipment, fractional distillation, petroleum distillation, crude oil distillation, solvent recycling units and solvent recyclersThis high efficiency, micro fractional distillation system is an ideal tool for automatically purifying or analyzing a wide range of materials where only very small amounts of sample are available. Common applications include:

Teaching Aid
Crude Oil Distillation
Petroleum Distillation
Close Boiling Point Separations
High Purity Fractional Distillation
Essential Oil Purification
Vacuum Distillation

Common applications include:

All Glass and Teflon Components
30 Theoretical Plates Distillation Column (maximum at atmosphere)
10, 15, 25 ml boiler capacities
Automatic and Manually Operated Distillation Systems

This micro spinning band distillation system is a very powerful tool for separating close boiling components. O-ring seals allow joints to be "grease free". Vacuum distillations can be carried out to as low as 0.1 mm Hg. Special glassware allows receivers to be changed without interrupting the vacuum regulation.


Column Length Diameter Max. Plates Standard Flask Sizes
800 Micro Spinning Band 20 cm 7mm 30
(Teflon Band)
10, 15, and 25ml

Automation and Accessories:

All our distillation equipment is available in fully automatic or manually operated models. Manually operated distillation systems are inexpensive and simple to operate. Automatic models are microprocessor controlled. All the distillation functions are fully automated to make the distillation process easy and efficient from beginning to end.

M690 Microprocessor Controller

The microprocessor minimizes the amount of operator time required for each distillation. Call up your stored program from one of 19 available memory locations and let the microprocessor perform the distillation. Each program can store up to eight distillation fractions. Each fraction has programmable open and close temperature cut points, heat rates, and equilibration times. Programmable shut down at the end of the distillation run. The microprocessor allows easy editing of each of the parameters while the distillation is in progress.

VAC-1000 Vacuum Regulation System

Materials that have very high boiling points or are subject to thermal degradation should be distilled at reduced pressures. The VAC-1000 is a complete, stand alone vacuum system that can provide regulated vacuum to any distillation system. It features a 5 decade pressure sensor, proportional control valve, vacuum manifold/trap, 2 stage mechanical pump, all mounted on a roll around cart for easy maneuverability in the laboratory. The VAC-1000 can be used with automated or manually operated columns.

Fraction Collectors

Five place fraction collectors are available. Receiver sizes are 2 ml. The fraction collector is a convenient way to collect fractions without having to change receivers.


The 800 micro still is mounted in an open frame support structure. The open frame allows easy access to all areas of the distillation column. The distillation column, microprocessor and fraction collectors are mounted in the framework.

Recirculating Baths

The distillation equipment requires cooling for the column condenser. Cold tap water can be easily attached to the column's condenser. B/R offers heated and refrigerated recirculating baths for more precise control of the condenser temperature.

Spare Parts

A spare parts kit is available which includes the parts necessary to keep your system operating. B/R Instrument stocks all parts for fast deliveries.


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