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HPLC & GPC Solvent Recycling

Purchase and disposal of HPLC and GPC solvents is becoming more and more expensive. As a result, HPLC solvent recycling and GPC solvent recycling is becoming more common.

Why not start saving money with a B/R Instrument solvent recycler?

It’s Pure: Recycled HPLC solvents and recycled GPC solvents are free of analytes and suitable for reuse in the HPLC or GPC.

It’s Easy: Our solvent recyclers are fully automatic. The solvent recycling process goes from beginning to end without any attention from the operator. It only takes 10 minutes per day to operate the solvent recycling equipment.

Common HPLC Solvents:
Acetonitrile solvent recycling
Methanol solvent recycling
Isopropanol solvent recycling

Common GPC Solvents:
HFIP (Hexafluoroisopropanol) solvent recycling
Creosol solvent recycling
Trichlorobenzene solvent recycling
Toluene solvent recycling
THF solvent recycling
n-methylpyrolidone solvent recycling

Save money on the purchase and disposal of expensive solvents year after year. Find out how much money solvent recycling can save by filling out the payback analysis form.

The 9600 spinning band solvent recycler

GPC and HPLC solvent recycling is most commonly performed with a 9600 Spinning Band Solvent Recycling System. This solvent recycler produces the highest purity recycled GPC and HPLC solvents possible.

Solvent Recycler Specifications:

Distillation Column Standard Boiling Rack Sizes Operation Max. Theoretical Plates Throughput Contact Surfaces
Spinning Band
1, 5, 12, 22 and 50 liter Fully Automatic and Manually Operated Models 50 (Teflon Band at atmospheric pressure)
0 – 4 liters per hour
Glass and Teflon

The 9600 packed column solvent recycler

Traditional packed distillation columns are used for applications that require high distillation rates or that require boiler sizes larger than 50 liters. A variety of distillation column packing types are available including various random and structured packing. Packing materials can be made of metal, ceramic or glass.

Distillation Column Boiler Sizes Operation Max. Theoretical Plates Throughput Contact Surfaces
Packed Column
1 to 500 liters Fully Automatic and Manually Operated Models 15-30 0 – 25 liters per hour Glass, Teflon and Stainless Steel

B/R Instrument makes solvent recycling equipment and solvent recyclers for HPLC and GPC solvent recycling

Automation and Accessories:

All our solvent recyclers are available in fully automatic or manually operated models. Manually operated solvent recyclers are inexpensive and simple to operate. Automatic models are microprocessor controlled. All the solvent recycling functions are fully automated to make the solvent recycling process easy and efficient from beginning to end.

Application notes are available for recycling many HPLC and GPC waste mixtures. We can also provide references for your application or your geographic area. The bibliography section of this web site has references from the literature on this subject.


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